• Darja Igorevna Väärsi is a mainstream actress, internationally published model, bi-lingual singer and aspiring stuntwoman . She was born in the village Tartu, EstoniaI and immigrated to America with her family as a political refugee.  Her father Igor was an Estonian nationalist of royal descent, her Moldavian mother Olga an award winning USSR English teacher & author. She has two siblings: an Irish twin brother Gerheart & artistically renown half-sister Anastasia. Darja immigrated to America with family & St. Bernard Pelia as a political refugee. 

      Her family is of Estonian nobility, her father was a nationalist that survived wrongful imprisonment & torture of over a decade, including a gunshot wound to the head by the KGB at the age of 14. Her family bribed their way out of the USSR & trekked across Europe homeless for years with their St. Bernard Pelia in tow.  Through cooperation with American Intelligence & sponsorship by Italian diplomats they were provided asylum in America. 

      Darja had a difficult childhood fraught with violence, starvation and death. After falling through the cracks of child protection at 14 she began living on her own and working full time. She experienced another tragedy when she was shot near fatally shot through her liver and wrongfully incarcerated for a year only later to be cleared of all wrong doing. Her life inspired her to dedicate her life to various non-profit work including but not limited to the department of Fish & Wildlife, animal rescue, welfare reform, endangered species, salmon preservation, alternative diet outreach, sustainable agriculture and wildlife preservation.  She also pursued a long-term career in Veterinary Medicine.

      She has also always been an avid artist and possesses a sincere passion for bringing unique concepts to life. She pursues a career as an actress in mainstream television, is an established musician contributing music to soundtracks, producer, spokes-model, model and stylist. She has had the pleasure to work on many mainstream NBC, Fox, Amazon, Showtime, Netlfix television shows, feature films, commercials and top rates music videos. She has additionally worked in the capacity of author, reporter, hair stylist, make-up artist, art director, photographer & photo editor. 

      Darja resides in Chicago, IL where she has a husband and wife folk rock project: California Widow. She is an athlete, motorcycle enthusiast, nationally certified sailor, surfer, outdoors-man & undergoing stunt performance training.