• Darja Igorevna Väärsi is an internationally published model, bi-lingual singer and established actress. She was born in Tartu, Estonia and grew up in Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Texas, Washington State, the Bay Area & Los Angeles California. She immigrated to America with her family as a political refugee.  She dedicated her youth to various causes including but not limited to animal rescue, welfare, alternative diet outreach, sustainable agriculture and wildlife preservation.  This prompted her to pursue a long-term career in Veterinary Medicine as a technician.  

        She has also always been an avid artist and possesses a sincere passion for bringing unique concepts to life.  In her free-time she pursues a career as an actress and has made appearances in 12 main stream NBC, Fox, Showtime and Amazon prime television series in addition to feature films, commercials and movie posters. She is a globally published fashion/beauty model, brand ambassador, spokesmodel & singer.  She works in the capacity of talent, hair stylist, make-up artist, art director, wardrobe stylist, photographer & photo editor. She currently resides in Chicago, IL & is the lead singer for rock project California Widow.

        She is an athlete, motorcycle enthusiast, nationally certified sailor, outdoorsman and training to become a professional stunt performer.